Personalized home furniture

Custom Wooden Furniture

Architects, Private clients

When we create custom wooden furniture in our carpentry, we know that we are crafting a piece capable of bringing joy and happiness to its owners. We also take pleasure in it because we simply love making furniture.

Every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop is a unique and beautiful creation, meticulously designed and crafted with the highest quality materials. We understand that when a piece of furniture leaves our workshop, it transforms a space, breathes life into a home or workspace, and bears witness to your lifestyle.

Handcrafted Furniture

We are motivated by the knowledge that each of the handcrafted furniture pieces in our carpentry has a story behind it. It all starts with a specific need, the desire to decorate a space, or build something new around us. These functional pieces fulfill vital needs and make day-to-day life easier.
Unlike mass-produced items, our custom-made furniture is durable, made from sustainable and high-quality materials. These attributes align with That’s Wood’s values: specialization, technical precision, and a commitment to sustainability.

Custom-Made Wooden Furniture

Aware of the emotional response that custom-made wooden objects can evoke, we turn to traditional carpentry techniques to create cherished items. Design and innovation are integral to the creative process, allowing us to personalize and meet our clients’ expectations.
From tables, desks, and shelving units to libraries, bathroom, or kitchen furniture, everything is more beautiful and healthier when it’s made of wood. So don’t hesitate any longer and make your home the best place to be. You can achieve this with fantastic wooden furniture crafted just for you and your lifestyle.

Contact us, bring us your design, or tell us about the wooden furniture piece of your dreams, and we can make it a reality.

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