Tienda U Energia - Proyecto That's Wood

The U Energía Store in Palma: A rewarding decorative challenge

Architecture, Interior design

U Energía asked us to decorate their new store in Palma with wood, a project with high technical demands, attractive, cozy, and organic design

We definitely enjoy challenges. One of them came to us through U Energía, a Mallorcan company with a history dating back to 1892, specializing in the most innovative services in the energy and telecommunications sectors. This pioneering company decided to open one of its stores on the central Vía Roma, at the corner of Avenida Alemania in Palma. They needed to adapt the facilities to convey the organization’s values while creating an attractive place where their customers felt comfortable, relaxed, in short, comfortable.

Technical Complexity

U Energía proposed a decorative project inspired by nature and involving some technical complexity. The interior design was based on wood, which allowed them to create a welcoming, warm, and highly organic space. The complexity arose, on the one hand, from the semicircular space for customer service and, on the other hand, from the need to conceal access to the warehouse and bathrooms. In the first case, the installations and lights on the ceiling had to be covered with fine wooden beams arranged in a fan shape in an orderly and homogeneous manner. This way, the upper part could be decorated following the curved shape of the facade. We successfully addressed this technical challenge, and the result was a well-fitted and harmoniously proportioned decorative ceiling. The second decorative proposal entrusted to us was to uniformly cover the wall with wood, also hiding access to the warehouse. To achieve this, we worked on a door integrated into the proposed decorative design. We installed springs on this door and omitted handles to achieve a “hidden effect.” This way, we achieved the desired uniformity in the decorative project. As a result, the door is practically imperceptible, and a cohesive design was created.

Wood Type

For this project, we worked with solid fir wood as well as three-layer fir panels. This wood is one of the most commonly used in interior carpentry. It is a light-colored wood frequently used in commercial interior design projects. The result was as expected: a welcoming, modern, and natural environment for a leading company in environmentally-friendly energy that values close customer relations.

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