Proyecto carpintería SOIB That's Wood

Kitchens, doors, and decoration by That’s Wood for the Balearic Islands Employment Service (SOIB) in Mallorca

Architecture, Interior design

At That’s Wood, we were responsible for the installation of office kitchens, shipboard doors, as well as the decoration and furniture for the reception area of the new headquarters of the SOIB (Balearic Islands Employment Service) in Mallorca.

One of the projects we are currently immersed in is the renovation of the new offices of the Balearic Islands Employment Service (SOIB) in the Son Rossinyol industrial estate in Palma, Mallorca.

For this project, we have been tasked with providing office kitchens, sliding doors for various rooms, interior doors, furniture for the reception area, and we have clad walls with Fundermax panels.

The kitchens are designed to serve office employees. Some of them have a small dining area. They are made of white matte waterproof board, with extra matte white waterproof doors and white handles. We have added Silestone material in gray.

The doors are made of white lacquered marine board, as are the door frames. In the accessible bathrooms, we have installed integrated sliding interior doors with a metal frame.

The architects in charge of the renovation have designed some spaces with walls clad in phenolic board. For this task, we have worked with 0.6 mm Fundermax brand boards in Ottawa color. We have installed this material in various rooms, especially in the reception area of the new offices, where we will eventually place furniture made in our workshop.

Financed by the European Union - NextGenerationEU
Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan

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