Un año de la inauguración de la icónica escoleta de Llubí, sostenible por su construcción en madera

The first anniversary of the iconic nursery school in Llubí

Architecture, Interior design

This April marks one year since the inauguration of the Moixaina Nursery School in Llubí, a school made almost entirely of wood, in which That’s Wood has left its mark. It is the first project of its kind in our Autonomous Community, which makes it not only a pioneering but also an iconic building.

The inauguration of the nursery school caused quite a stir as it was one of the most anticipated projects in the municipality, perfectly combining sustainability, construction, and aesthetics. Here are some reactions:

Architecture, Talent, and Sustainability

As mentioned in a previous post, the new Llubí nursery school is a prime example of why investing in talent, decisive architecture, sustainability, and creativity are excellent elements of social cohesion that are woven around well-designed public spaces.

The building was designed by the architecture studios Aixopluc and Aulets and construction began in 2020 after this idea was chosen in the design competition organized by the town council. The infrastructure stands out for its attractive and innovative aesthetics and the use of wood as one of the differentiating elements.

The design has been done in such a way that it maximizes natural light from the east and west and features precise cross ventilation and regulation of energy exchange with the immediate environment. Choosing wood as an energy-efficient material further promotes these comfort and sustainability goals.

That’s Wood’s Craftsmanship

For this project, That’s Wood crafted doors, windows, skylights, as well as flooring and furniture in an artisanal manner. We were also responsible for polishing structural details.

We worked extensively with Oregon pine for this project, a lightweight material with a striking grain, suitable for exterior use due to its durability.

We encourage you to watch the video we made upon completing this project:

A Unique Building for the Community

From the outset, the project sought to highlight, in addition to its role as a childcare center, its purpose as a multifunctional space. In this way, it can be used by the community throughout the year.

Its powerful simplicity lies not only in the distribution of its spaces but also in the choice of wood as a resilient and sustainable material, and the visual balance it maintains with the traditional aesthetics of the surrounding houses and private gardens, without affecting the silhouette as seen from the horizon. This combination qualifies it as a social landmark in Llubí because its design recognizes that creativity, innovation, and minimal impact on the environment are crucial for the present and future education and well-being of the municipality.

We are proud to have participated in the development of this project and are pleased that it has become a vital and unique place for the residents of Llubí.

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