Carpentry for businesses

Renovations and interior design

Architects, Private clients

Renovations and interior design inspire us and are among the projects we enjoy the most.

We love connecting with the creativity that multidisciplinary teams generate in these types of projects. It is in these moments that our role as a carpentry for furniture and wooden structures is strengthened, as we provide customized solutions to interior designers, architects, or property owners.

We Provide Custom Solutions for Interior Designers, Architects, and Property Owners

At That’s Wood, we have experience and focus on bringing concepts to life and creating the imagined atmospheres. We would love to learn about your project, listen to you talk about colors, textures, shapes, tones, natural lighting… Furthermore, we are convinced of the transformative power of wood, artisan carpentry, design, and architecture.
One of our projects that combines many of these concepts is the carpentry for the Early Childhood Education Center in the municipality of Llubí. You can see it in this video.

We are also willing to take on your project and guide it from start to finish. We have an excellent team of highly professional collaborators in whom we have full confidence.

We are confident that your wood-based renovation or decoration made in our carpentry will have a guaranteed positive impact.

High-Quality Materials

The versatility of our raw material makes it suitable for creating the most diverse and incredible experiences in public spaces, bars, restaurants, and all kinds of commercial premises. Interior design with wood as the main element is enough to make spaces truly special.
If you are thinking of giving a makeover to your business or opening a cozy new space for your customers, remember that wood is the most sustainable, durable, and aesthetic option. Contact us to discuss your project.

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