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We work with high-quality materials in each of our wooden creations. In addition to a wide stock of sustainably sourced woods, we offer our clients the option of using innovative and durable hardware. Quality hardware pieces, when used, provide better stability and contribute to the longevity of our products. The technology surrounding hardware allows us to access numerous design solutions, including hidden or cutting-edge supports and construction connectors.

Furthermore, the treatments we apply to our raw materials are among the best on the market and help increase the durability of each of our creations. Available for both indoor and outdoor use, modern wood treatments are the result of significant innovations. We particularly highlight the use of pressure treatment (autoclave) to protect our woods from wood-destroying organisms.

Since attention to detail makes a difference in any work that involves creativity, technique, and craftsmanship, our wooden products stand out for their impeccable finishes. We also apply professional varnishes and lacquers for long-lasting and high-quality results.

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