Large stock of sustainable woods

An extensive stock of sustainable woods

Architects, Interior designers, Private clients

At That’s Wood we have access to a large stock of sustainable woods. We obtain our wood from managed forests in the European Union. We are in favour of promoting the responsible consumption of forest products and maintaining the economic viability of rural areas that are dedicated to this economic activity, which is essential to reduce greenhouse gases, causing climate change.

We believe in the benefits of wood

We encourage you to use wood because its benefits are numerous. Wood is a renewable product that contributes reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and therefore helps to slow down climate change. Furthermore, it can be a material used as a substitute for many others that require large amounts of energy resources and of energy obtained from fossil products, such as concrete or the manufacture of PVC or aluminium doors and windows.

Moreover, wood is an ideal material to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the UN’s new sustainable development agenda.

There are also many scientific studies that have shown the benefits of wood on people’s health. To learn more about this topic, we recommend the article published in our blog “Proven; wood reduces stress and improves health“.

We strongly believe in sustainable wood, an insulating, durable and resistant material, ideal for building structures and furniture. The benefits of using wood are extensive and even more so is the resulting product, simply beautiful, warm and inspiring.

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