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Our mission is to create inspiring kitchens. We will work to craft your custom kitchen that caters to your needs. In doing so, you’ll equip yourself with a truly authentic and functional space.

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas in your home, and you likely have high expectations for it. It’s a space capable of satisfying individual needs or bringing together family and friends in activities that give meaning to our lives. Therefore, the kitchen should be one of the privileged spaces in our home.

Bring inspiration to your custom kitchen

Inspirational kitchens offer spatial freedom, flexibility, and organizational efficiency while maintaining aesthetic appeal and warmth in materials. Based on your needs and preferences, you can opt for a modern integrated kitchen where all objects follow a cohesive aesthetic. This way, you’ll achieve a balanced appearance.
No matter the space you have available for your kitchen or the style you prefer, maximize its potential and make it truly multifunctional. Use your renovation to incorporate modular drawers into your kitchen, improving storage capacity and convenience. Choose attractive colors and textures. Use front panels for appliances to maintain a consistent aesthetic. Opt for self-closing mechanisms with smooth and quiet slides or perhaps cabinets with clean lines. Use handles or go for handleless options with gola profiles that simplify the module fronts. Above all, allow your kitchen to reflect your lifestyle.

Kitchens crafted with sustainable, high-quality materials

Of course, always choose high-quality wood to give your kitchen an inspiring and natural character. Wood is a sustainable, durable, and versatile material that has very positive effects on your health and well-being. Remember that wood makes us feel good; its appearance and texture inspire us and connect us with our surroundings.
All materials used in your kitchen should meet your expectations of beauty, functionality, durability, and comfort.

At That’s Wood, we work with top-quality materials. We have access to a wide range of woods so you can unleash your creativity. You can also choose from durable hardware, innovative removable mechanisms, drawers for optimal kitchen organization, and all kinds of designer accessories. We can also provide you with top-brand appliances at competitive prices.

You can visualize your design in 3D or bring us your own proposal. We’ll advise you on how to make the most of your space and offer you the most innovative materials and products that will make your kitchen a practical space in every sense.

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