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We have the best ideas and the most innovative materials to create your custom wooden wardrobes.

At That’s Wood, we believe that wooden wardrobes tailored to your needs should address fundamental aspects of organization. Design and the materials they are made of are also essential.

We Create Custom Wardrobes

You’d be surprised to know the array of innovative possibilities our carpentry can offer to meet your goals of organization, harmony, beauty, and quality.
Moreover, wardrobes should align with your preferences and available space. We are here to listen to you and provide functional and appealing solutions.

Always remember that wood aesthetics are undoubtedly the best choice if you’re aiming for an elegant design and a durable, sustainable product.

Keep in mind that good organization at home or in the office relies on having furniture that allows you to store essential items in your life. Drawers, wardrobes, closets, dressers, and shelves are some of the elements that can help you achieve organized spaces that promote your well-being.

Especially in bedrooms, wardrobes become essential allies in maintaining order, creating tidy spaces, and protecting your most precious belongings.

We Make Your Dream Wardrobe a Reality

Turn your bedrooms into spaces that inspire you every day, make your life easier, relax you, and align with your lifestyle. Contact us to discuss your project.
At That’s Wood, we always use quality materials for your wooden furniture. Our services include the most demanding in-house manufacturing, assembly, and the latest products.

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